Officer Commanding:††† Captain R.G. Howe

2ic:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Captain J.W.M. Page

Adjutant:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† C. Robinson Esq

Remount Officer:††††††††††††††††††††† S. Waters Esq


The Light Cavalry continues to fulfil its objective - to recruit for the Active Unit. We were pleased to join forces with our friends and colleagues in green with a joint recruiting effort at the Cartier Polo Championships last July. Many brochures and DVDís were handed out. Letís hope some of those fell on fertile ground!


The year has been characterised by numerous and varied events and duties enabling us to promote the HAC by putting on displays of skill at arms, performing musical rides, taking part in team chasing and providing mounted and dismounted guards of honour. It is noteworthy that our bus-pass wielding gentlemen took the Coxwell-Rogers cup (again) for the best military team at the Cotswold Team Chase beating off the competition from the Kingís Troop and the Household Cavalry (well done the Vice-President - Roy Sanders, Simon Waters and Gareth Thomas).


We have also seen a most encouraging upsurge for matters equestrian by members of the Active Unit. Readers will recall that we organised riding for family members of those gentlemen serving in Iraq. This brought us yet closer to the Active Unit and for those members who want to learn to ride we have arranged a novice ride at our Equestrian Headquarters, Flemish Farm, Windsor Great Park - a splendid initiative by our Adjutant, Christopher Robinson, and fully supported by Light Cavalry member Lt.Col (trooper) Simon Garrett. So great was the enthusiasm that we put a second ride in place - and a then a third. We hope this will help to assure a healthy future for the Light Cavalry so that when members of the Active Unit step off, they will come and join us. However, several could not wait for that and have already joined. However, they do understand that their Active Unit commitments take precedence over our activities. Nevertheless, we were delighted to have Carl-Philip Thundstrom in the ranks in the 2005 Lord Mayorís Show and we thank his Squadron Commander for allowing him to parade with us - a glorious day with lots of sun and very little breeze- and the HAC had Armoury House all to itself! We had over forty members on parade that day (including three marshals and two Special Constables).


The Transport & Driving Troop continues to flourish under the direction of Jeremy Page and they look forward eagerly to the coming season.


On the social side we (understandably) had to cancel our Ladies Night in July, but David Jeffcoat, who also runs the Light Cavalry Rifle Club (black powder enthusiasts please note) with his Master Sutlerís hat on, organised some outstanding Mess Nights. At the September evening we welcomed new Light Cavalry member Major General His Grace (trooper) The Duke of Westminster who has assured us that he will be taking a keener interest in matters Light Cavalry once he has completed his appointment as Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff in May 2007. And our Bisley Christmas party was as hilarious as ever - full of fun and good fellowship!


Once again, we had many dismounted duties in the City including providing a Guard of Honour for HRH The Princess Royal for the re-dedication of the Smithfield war memorial.


On St. Georgeís day in April 2005 we were pleased to participate in the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Aston Martin Owners Club - by providing some real horsepower. Our E.I. Paul Allison, resplendent as St. George, led the parade of very valuable motor cars past our Captain General and Prince Philip on the esplanade at Windsor Castle. Her Majesty later joined the throng of A-M enthusiasts to view the cars and to watch displays of mounted drill, skill at arms, dressage and a musical ride by the Light Cavalry and our lady Supporting Riders - the boys in uniform, the girls in side saddle habits!


Our Annual Inspection was held in Windsor Park in September and our inspecting officer, Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter, declared himself well satisfied with the turnout of horses and men.


October 22 was the date for this yearís HAC Uniformed Services Show, run by the Light Cavalry. We welcomed teams from the UK and abroad including a team from Russia for the first time. The HAC Active Unit team acquitted themselves very well and the Light Cavalry Adjutant, Christopher Robinson won the Rodney Moore tankard for best HAC rider


This year we said farewell to two stalwarts of the Light Cavalry - Tony Scuse and John Palmer. We will miss them both very much.


Weíll de-camp to the west country in June, along with our friends in the Pikemen & Musketeers, to give a similar display at the Royal Cornwall Show - at the invitation of the Lord Mayor, a Cornishman himself.


So, once again, we have completed a demanding programme of activities and look forward to making great efforts on behalf of the Regiment and the Company this year. Remember, if you would like to learn to ride, or drive a carriage you know where to come!


R.G. Howe